Aluminum Wallet

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    • High quality aluminum wallet made by sharkk brands
    • Lightweight to fit in pocket or purse
    • Protects credit cards from privacy RFID scanning thieves
    • Seven slots fold out accordian style
    • Standard Size: 3"x4.25"x0.75

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Essential Piece Of Gear, Especially For International Travelers

"First, this item is exactly as-described. Having handled it myself at this point, I can also state that it's well made. I would love to see a larger version that could serve as a general purpose wallet.

I was talking to a friend about some recent purchases I've made in preparation for a trip to Latin America, and he was curious about my SHARKK case as well as my anti-RFID passport holder. I explained that Latin American criminals have modified RFID scanners so they can just sit at the airport and hoover up sensitive credit card, bank card, and passport data from passing travelers from wealthy countries. He was incredulous. "Look," I said, "just because they're from poor countries doesn't mean they're not clever. Sure, there are plenty of garden-variety armed muggers in poor countries, but organized crime is present there, too, and quite sophisticated. Every traveler from a wealthy country is, from their perspective, just a sheep waiting to be fleeced." (In some ways this is true of even honest vendors in Latin America: they all want to make money off the gringos. But there are degrees. Obviously the criminals are simply grifters/thieves, not just aggressive business people.)

I've had some bad experiences with my financial info being hijacked while traveling internationally, so now among other precautions when traveling I use a credit card instead of a bank debit card, and when I eat out I actually use pre-paid VISA cards with only $100 or so on them, to limit my exposure. In poorer countries there is simply a lot more ambient crime than most Americans are used to.

For example, the last time I was in S?o Paulo, my Kaspersky's anti-virus software reported hacking attempts on my IP address every 5-10 minutes. Yes, that kind of thing happens in the U.S., also, but it's far more aggressive in poorer countries. In only takes one technically-savvy thief to make a fortune off dozens or hundreds of unsuspecting travelers.

And there are more serious crimes. A friend of mine in the U.S. State Department has confirmed that since the global financial crisis in 2008, there has been a general increase in international crime, particularly trafficking in stolen and even cloned passports -- the criminals no longer need to steal your physical passport, they can just steal the data from your passport's embedded RFID chip and, if they have passport blanks (available on the black market), they can make high quality fake passports with genuine ID data: yours.

Upshot: it pays to be paranoid. If you are planning to travel internationally and you're considering buying a SHARKK or other anti-RFID gear, congratulations: you're ahead of the curve in terms of your security awareness. I think the SHARKK case makes a good addition to anyone's international travel gear."

Kael Loftus
Jan 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
Solid Product

"I've only had this wallet for a week or so, but so far it's great. I'm able to comfortably fit my license, health insurance, roadside assistance, one credit card, and a little bit of cash, and there seems to be room for 2 or 3 more items if I'm pressed. Easy to open and close and stays securely shut. The accordion style interior makes it easy to access stuff when it's open."

Shawn W Miller
Jul 26, 2013
Verified Purchase


Multiple Color Options

With a broad range of available colors, you can pick one up today and sleep easier at night knowing that not only have you thwarted the scheming wallet scanning villains, you have also managed to do so in style!


Featuring a stain and impact-resistant construction, the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet is a perfect fit for those with an active lifestyle.


Combine strength, durability and security without sacrificing the convenience of lightweight material. Weighing less than an ounce (when empty), the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet provides increased protection without the weighty bulk.

RFID Protection

Made from the highest quality materials and equipped with RFID scanner protection, the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet is the perfect modern accessory. When you combine the lightweight yet robust design with the security of RFID protection, the Aluminum Wallet and Credit Card Holder offers the luxury of both convenience and greater peace of mind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you should experience any issues with your item please contact our customer service at and we will stop at nothing to resolve any and all concerns to the best of our ability.


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