Aluminum Wallet

Aluminum Wallet

RFID Protection
Made from the highest quality materials and equipped with RFID scanner protection, the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet is the perfect modern accessory. When you combine the lightweight yet robust design with the security of RFID protection, the Aluminum Wallet and Credit Card Holder offers peace of mind in addition to convenience.

Combine strength, durability and security without sacrificing the convenience of lightweight material. Weighing less than an ounce (when empty), the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet provides increased protection without the weighty bulk.

Stain and impact resistant, the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet is a perfect fit for those with an active lifestyle. Securely sealed with an easy-open clasp, you will no longer need to fear the all too common 'wallet falling out of pocket and spilling contents everywhere' scenario.

Multiple Color Options
With a broad range of available colors, you can pick one up today and sleep easier at night knowing that not only have you thwarted the scheming wallet scanning villains, you have also managed to do so in style!

Item Details

    • High quality aluminum wallet made by sharkk brands
    • Lightweight to fit in pocket or purse
    • Protects credit cards from privacy RFID scanning thieves
    • Seven slots fold out accordian style
    • Standard Size: 3"x4.25"x0.75

Customer Reviews

I Think I Found It!

"This may be the answer to my wallet problem. Using it for 2 weeks and I really like it. I bought this after having to get replacements for my drivers license and 3 credit cards from my old standard wallet. It is a little thick, but sadly still thinner than my old wallet. I like how it separates the cards and keeps them from rubbing. So far I keep it in my front pocket with my keys but it does fit with my smartphone too. It really is light weight, but very sturdy. I like that I can always tell its in my pocket without it being annoying or uncomfortable. "

Daniel M. Gardner
Amazon Verified Purchase
Aluminum Wallet--Sharkk Brand

"I have used an aluminum wallet for my licenses and credit cards for the past two years, similar to this Sharkk brand. I think they are great. They hold 10 cards and licenses and that meets my needs. Essentially this is a plastic case with an aluminum exterior and with seven pockets to hold the cards. It is quite similar in construction to the Ogon brand that I used before but much less costly. The advantage of this type of wallet is that it fits well in your front pocket and, for a woman, in her purse. They claim that it blocks radiation, but I can't verify that. The principal weakness in the previous wallet I owned and in this one is the latch. It is made of plastic and if one overloads the wallet, the latch breaks, which is what happened to me. It needs a metal latch and the company that produces one with a secure metal latch will get my business in the future. But if you can stay within the ten card limit, this wallet should serve you well. It is because of the latch that I rate this product with four stars. "

Edward Heler, Ph.D.
Amazon Verified Purchase
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