SHARKK Bluetooth Speaker

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    • USB Cable and 3.5mm Cable included to connect your device to the speaker.
    • Features surprisingly loud volume range with bass feature.
    • Frequency Response: 60Hz-18KHz.SHARKK speaker has a slot for SD cards.
    • Carrying case included.Output Power: 3.0W
    • Bluetooth feature allows you to connect to any of your devices and play music wirelessly
    • Built in battery with USB charging cable 5 hour battery life.
    • Built in Mic allows you to use the speaker for phone calls as well


With a volume and sound quality that belies its small size, the SHARKK® Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker comes with all the bells and whistles of a much larger and more costly professional grade sound system.
Featuring multiple connectivity options including Bluetooth, AUX and USB, the Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker represents the ultimate in portable sound system technology.

Crystal Clear Sound
Whether you’re looking to zen-out with some soothing tunes, or raise the roof with some sick beats, the SHARKK Portable Mini Speaker has the bass, volume and sound quality to facilitate any desired musical environment.

Supported Connections
In addition to its high quality sound, the Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker also supports a wide range of connection options, allowing it to play MP3 formatted music from virtually any device. Supported connections include: USB, AUX, Bluetooth and SD card.

1x Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker.
1x Illustrated instruction manual.
1x Custom carrying bag.
1x 3.5mm AUX and USB Charging cable.
1x one year limited warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Great Product!!!

"This is a qualified 4. It is qualified in that I have not listened to any other speakers of this size. I will keep this short and sweet:
a. The thing is heavy, feels well made, and has very good sound for it's size.
b. I am impressed with the volume and bass considering the tiny size, as well the feel which is really quality.
c, The price seems to me just right - it is what a speaker of this size ought cost given the quality - the value is there for sure.
1. The open top and speaker being exposed has me feeling it needs be very careful that something does not get into it - I think it could use a hard "grill" on top to protect the speaker (not against water - it doesn't claim to be waterproof, just against debris or a sharp object). If it had a grill, I wouldn't think twice about putting it in it's pouch and tossing it in my pocket, as is a key or anything could damage the speaker. This is SLIGHT because if you don't toss it in your pocket or otherwise not care for it this will be zero issue.
2. Total volume is fairly amazing for the size, but not room filling unless the room is very small. It IS PLENTY LOUD for sitting even 10 feet away and listening unless you want head bangin' type thing again not a negative just what it is.
3. Though the sound is good, and I even can say amazing for the size, it is a bit lack luster. I can't put my finger on it, but recently I listened of all things to the AUVIO PBT500 Bluetooth Portable Speaker (yes, Radio Shack has done something for once!) and was fairly blown away for quality - it's standard price is double the cost of the Sharkk, and though small it is a good amount larger so not really fair to compare directly - but the sound (frequency response and punch and bass) as well asvolume are simply stunning for the size.

Overall, I would buy another Sharkk without question - for it's size it is outstanding and a real feel of quality, so reservations are really only comparing it to larger contemporaries which is not fair but somehow I felt a need to do.


Dec 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
Very Very Nice, Very Portable Blutooth Speaker

"Very compact, very portable speaker, works well via Bluetooth or tethered. Better sound than anyone should expect from such a small speaker. Impressively solid construction. Mostly mate black finish looks fantastic, ...Quality. Battery life is impressive. Certainly not a home audio system replacement but great for on the go sound from a tablet. I had to buy a blue tooth adapter for my,... getting 'classic' Vista running Intel Dual Core Toshiba A205-5587 laptop. Bought a Kinivo BTD400 for BT 4.0 function. Good solid link to about 15 ish feet. Hoping Sharkk goes to supporting Stereo functionality."

Kurt Szabo
Dec 8, 2013
Verified Purchase

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