Hair Brush

Hair Brush

Stylish, smooth and incredibly effective, the SHARKK® Hair Brush is the perfect way to transform your daily hair brushing routine from dreaded chore to pleasant grooming experience.
Factor in the SHARKK Lifetime Warranty and you can rest easy knowing your new and improved brushing feel is here to stay!

Smooth Glide Design
Specially designed with soft bristles and rounded tips to provide only the most pleasant brushing experience and avoid any kind of hair tugging or pulling, even when used with dense or tangled hair.

Rubberized Finish
In addition to the pleasant feel of the rubberized finish, this added feature gives you a secure grip even while using the brush in a bath or shower setting.

The versatile design of the brush allows for use by men and woman of all ages, as well as wigs, pets and any other item that may be in need of a good brushing.

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Item Details

    • Works great on all hair types, wet or dry!
    • Soft and thin bristles with rounded tips make for a smooth brushing experience.
    • Specially designed to avoid painful hair tugging.
    • High quality construction with rubberized finish.
    • Includes SHARKK® Lifetime Warranty!

Customer Reviews

Great Brush! Bought 10 To Keep Peace In The Home

"As a father of 3 teenage girls I understand the chaos and destruction that occur around the home when hairbrushes are nowhere to be found. I bought 10 of these because I was tired of being late everywhere because quote ?I can?t find a brush?. This brush had good reviews and was at a good price point, so I bought enough for everyone to have one for their purse, one in each bathroom and have a couple spares. I am so glad I did.
Primary likes (as of three weeks use),
My tender headed daughter loves them and swears they do not pull on her tangles the same way our other brushes do.
My oldest likes to brush her hair in the shower, and that brush seems unaffected by the wet use.
They have a slightly rubber feeling in the plastic that works well wet or dry, gives a firm grip without feeling sticky.
They seem pretty sturdy and are a nice size on both the handle and brush head.
The bristles are actually really soft on your scalp, noticeably so. "

Amazon Verified Purchase
Fantastic Brush!

"The brush works great in my wife's very thick hair without any discomfort from the bristles or tangling. They haven't really tried it in the shower, but the real amazing feat is how well it works in my daughters thin, very fine hair. She is constantly tangled in the mornings when she wakes up and we have always had to use a detangling spray before brushing. The brush works very well... no more tangles and no more smelly chemical sprays on our beautiful daughter's head!! Worth every penny! "

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