Hair Brush

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    • Works great on all hair types, wet or dry!
    • Soft and thin bristles with rounded tips make for a smooth brushing experience.
    • Specially designed to avoid painful hair tugging.
    • High quality construction with rubberized finish.
    • Includes SHARKK® Lifetime Warranty!


Stylish, smooth and incredibly effective, the SHARKK® Hair Brush is the perfect way to transform your daily hair brushing routine from dreaded chore to pleasant grooming experience.
Factor in the SHARKK Lifetime Warranty and you can rest easy knowing your new and improved brushing feel is here to stay!

Smooth Glide Design
Specially designed with soft bristles and rounded tips to provide only the most pleasant brushing experience and avoid any kind of hair tugging or pulling, even when used with dense or tangled hair.

Rubberized Finish
In addition to the pleasant feel of the rubberized finish, this added feature gives you a secure grip even while using the brush in a bath or shower setting.

The versatile design of the brush allows for use by men and woman of all ages, as well as wigs, pets and any other item that may be in need of a good brushing.

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Customer Reviews


"My daughter has the most challenging hair to brush, a mix between curls and texture. Before this brush, she would complained, screamed, cried, pouted, and just made my job so hard in trying to keep her hair in order. I tried just about everything too. From conditioners, detangling sprays, big tooth combs, you name it.
I was first interested in the Mercier detangling brush, seeing their commercial online. But when I looked that up, the reviews for that weren't so good. While looking for that brush though, I came across this super magical brush. I was skeptical, but for the price I figured it was worth the try.
First time I used it I thought I was dreaming. This brush works so well, I no longer need sprays or other chemicals to put on my daughter's hair. No more pulling, no more fighting, no more tears. My mornings all of a sudden become so much better.
I'd highly recommend this brush. You can't beat the price either."

Apr 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
No More Tears!!!

"I'll be the first to admit when I read about a brush that will make detangling hair easier and less painful, I'm a bit skeptical. And let me say, my daughter is "the princess of tangles" with long hair that is in a constant tangled mess (I've tried to convince her to cut it, but it hasn't worked yet)...and yes, we go through the yelling, holding the hair from brushing, and even a few tears from time to time. So, enter the SHARKK new favorite product! It is wonderful, it REALLY does go through the hair and detangles BETTER than even using a detangler spray in my opinion! It's a perfect size for both my seven year old and me to use (think after workout tangles!) and it's made mornings a lot less stressful and a lot more pleasant. I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone! Oh and of course it comes in pink, our favorite color :)"

Beth F.
Jan 29, 2013

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