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Will Blow You Out Of Your Socks

"This is one mighty speaker. First it is heavy and really supports outstanding sound. It is smart and first automatically seeks a blue tooth connection. If you don't have blue tooth it does a nice job of reading a micro flash or easily hooks up with the included audio plug. No it's not a Bose and it won't support outside events but it sounds real good and has plenty of volume for most needs. It comes with a usb to micro usb cord for charging and a stereo plug for audio. All you need is a usb power source and you are set to go. It also has a real nice cloth draw string bag for transporting. You won't be disappointed with this little speaker system."

Robert Waite
Feb 15, 2014
Verified Purchase
Completely Satisfied

"This is a well engineered speaker device which was easy to set up and produces a wonderful sound for my Ipad music. After a fair amount of research, I purchased the Sharkk because of good reviews and great price. I have not been disappointed. I have not used a micro SD card yet, have to purchase one, but do not foresee any problems. The Bass blows you away for such a small device. I look forward to future use."

John A Friesen
Mar 21, 2014
Verified Purchase

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Can you connect two or more boom boxes to play the same music?


Yes, you can connect two boom boxes at the same time, but one has to be connected to the audio device through Bluetooth and the boomboxes are then connected with a mini usb to aux cord. We are currently working on the technology that would allow more than one boom box to connect to a device wirelessly. Right now only one boom box can connect to a device wirelessly.

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