SHARKK Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

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    • Equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth Technology- Bluetooth 4.0
    • Control your music directly from your speaker with back, forward, play, pause, and volume controls
    • Built in mic allows you to use the speaker for phone calls.
    • Built in lithium battery will give you close to 10 hours of play time.
    • iOS and Android devices will display battery life in status bar.
    • Charging cable and 4ft 3.5mm audio cable included.

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It Works Fine But The Range Doesn't Seem To Be As Far ...

"It works fine but the range doesn't seem to be as far as they claim. Also when you walk between the two devices, you can hear a break in connection. I wish it was as powerful(sound) as one of it's predecessors but time will tell on the battery life and connectivity problems(if any, an older one developed some)"

Feb 16, 2015
Good Value But Not Very Durable.

"This speaker gives great bang for your buck. It's loud, clear, easy to use. BUT it was accidentally knocked off a counter top and broke. You could hear something rattling inside. This thing is not very durable."

J. Downing
Dec 1, 2014

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What is the sound power output of the speaker?


The sound power output of the speaker is 3W. It is measured in Audio Power Amplifiers and Audio IC.

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