SHARKK Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

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    • Equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth Technology- Bluetooth 4.0
    • Control your music directly from your speaker with back, forward, play, pause, and volume controls
    • Built in mic allows you to use the speaker for phone calls.
    • Built in lithium battery will give you close to 10 hours of play time.
    • iOS and Android devices will display battery life in status bar.
    • Charging cable and 4ft 3.5mm audio cable included.

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Surprisingly Amazing!

"Totally worth the small investment. Works more reliably than my UE mini boom regarding bluetooth connectivity; smaller and sound varies as such but such a great investment to have in all rooms and on the go!!"

Gisela Villagomez
Jun 25, 2015
Great Speaker At A Great Price

"A little late in reviewing this, but none the less.... This is the second Sharkk speaker I have purchased. I bought the white version (minor spec differences) a few months ago. Having misplaced the white one I immediately ordered this one to replace it. In summary, great speaker at a great price. I originally bought this after being disappointed with my Jambox purchase: expensive, poor sound volume for the price, and odd shape that didn't fit well in a golf cart. The Sharkk satisfied all those requirements. The speaker is inexpensive. The sound is clear and strong for a very small device. The speaker fits perfectly in the cup holders on almost all golf carts (what's golf without some tunes?). Compared side-by-side to my much more expensive Jambox... Not much difference in sound volume or quality in my opinion. Bluetooth range on the golf course is more than adequate provided it's not cart path only and I don't hit a giant slice. Granted, if you leave your phone in the cart versus your pocket, no problem at all. The device is easy to use. Controls simple although I occasionally invoke the voice dial feature to my phone when turning up the volume. Durability is good. I did recently drop my black Sharkk from about 4 feet onto concrete. There is a small dent in the plastic housing and it knocked the speaker loose inside, but it kept working. Sound quality went down a little so I removed 6 screws (3 outer under rubber base and 3 inner under circuit board), and re-glued the speaker to the internal housing. No more issues with rattling speaker or tingy sound that only became present after the fall. Although not perfect, for the price and sound quality, it rates 5 stars for me. (I only give 4 stars for the white version. It keeps getting lost. Anyone finding a white Sharkk on a golf course, please return to me. ;) )."

Andrew R. Jones
Jun 24, 2015

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What is the sound power output of the speaker?


The sound power output of the speaker is 3W. It is measured in Audio Power Amplifiers and Audio IC.

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