Bluetooth Headset


    • Bluetooth v4.0 with advanced A2DP profile software
    • Designed for maximum in-ear comfort
    • Extended talk time – Up to 5 hours on a single charge!
    • Features power nap and HD Voice technology
    • Includes: charging dock, vehicle air-vent mount, ear tips, ear hooks and USB cable


Featuring an advanced A2DP profile and equipped with the very latest in Bluetooth (v4.0) technology, the SHARKK Bluetooth Headset is the perfect, must-have cell phone companion. The sturdy charging dock with vehicle air-vent mount (included) makes it easy to charge your device at home, at the office or on the go.

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Simple To Use High Quality Bluetooth Headset

"I have been using this headset for the last few days and thus far I am very happy with it. It lasts me the whole day, even when I was working a big event on campus and I was constantly making and receiving calls most of the day.

Right out of the box, after charging, it took me about 10 seconds to pair it with my phone and start making calls. I put it on my ear and noticed that the ear piece on it was too small for me so I swapped it with a larger one (which came with it in the box) and took the over the ear hook off (I don't really need the hook but some people prefer it). Later I used it to listen to some music (though not the most ideal thing to listen to music through but I wanted to see how it sounded) it was alright.

At the end of the day I wanted to charge it so I plugged the charging dock into my computer's USB and put my headset on the dock, the magnetic feature made it very easy on me - I didn't have to worry about pushing it onto a port or lining it up or anything like that. Just brought it close and let it go.

I have also tried other headsets my boss uses just so I can compare and based on the prices and quality I think you get most bang for your buck with this SHARKK headset.

So far, here are my favorite things about it:

-Long battery life, short charging time (a little over an hour)
-Voice quality (the people on the other end of the line cannot tell the difference)
-Charging dock's magnetic system
-Voice feedback (when connecting, disconnecting, turning on/off, etc)
-Quick and easy pairing
-Turns on and off quick
-Light and ergonomic

The only thing that's not so great about it:

-Sound quality both for media and voice (it's not bad but it could be better)

I was provided with a free copy of this item for testing and my fair and honest evaluation."

Dec 9, 2013
Very Satisfied

"This was easy to set up and it works great! I am finding it useful in the car and at home."

Jan 18, 2014
Verified Purchase



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Bluetooth v.4.0

Equipped with the very latest in Bluetooth technology, the SHARKK Bluetooth Headset features all the cutting edge Bluetooth capabilities such as A2DP and Multipoint Connection.

Extended Functionality

The SHARKK Bluetooth Headset is equipped with all the bells and whistles, including: Call Transferring, Voice Dialing, Call waiting and more.

Multipoint Connection

Connect your device to multiple cell phones at the same time, all while retaining full handset-like control over simultaneous incoming calls.

Voice Prompts

The SHARKK Bluetooth Headset features sophisticated voice prompting software
to help guide you through the use of different modes and settings.

Designed for Max Comfort

The Bluetooth Headset includes form-fitted Ear-Gels, custom designed for maximum in-ear comfort and improved sound channeling.

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