Bluetooth Headset


    • Bluetooth v4.0 with advanced A2DP profile software
    • Designed for maximum in-ear comfort
    • Extended talk time – Up to 5 hours on a single charge!
    • Features power nap and HD Voice technology
    • Includes: charging dock, vehicle air-vent mount, ear tips, ear hooks and USB cable


Featuring an advanced A2DP profile and equipped with the very latest in Bluetooth (v4.0) technology, the SHARKK Bluetooth Headset is the perfect, must-have cell phone companion. The sturdy charging dock with vehicle air-vent mount (included) makes it easy to charge your device at home, at the office or on the go.

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Great Headset!

"Sharkk provided me a sample of this device for review, but that dies not affect my review in any way.

What's included in the box:
- The Headset
- Charging Dock
- Charging Cable
- Instructions
- Two Over-Ear Hooks
- Rubber Ear Tip
- Adhesive Dash Mount
- Air Vent Mount

Most bluetooth headsets I have used haven't been particularly comfortable. This one however, is. The little stand that is included with this product makes charging it easy and almost fun. Both the head piece and the stand have strong magnets, so you put the headset next to the stand and it is almost pulled to the stand, where it stays. While the headset is charging, it goes into sleep mode. Once the headset is charged, you may easily unplug it and pull it off of the stand to resume use. The headset automatically re-connects with your phone once you unplug it from the charger. The headset is fairly small and compact, and overall pretty stylish. I have called quite a few people, and I asked them if they could notice any difference in the audio quality. There response was either "No, why?" Or "Yeah, it sounds better than normal". Because of this, I believe the audio quality on this headset is very high. A lot of headsets make you sound like you are underwater, but this was not at all a problem with the Sharkk . Pairing this headset with your phone is easy, you just press the multifunction button for 7 seconds until the LED flashes red and blue, and then as long as you have bluetooth on, you may click on this headset in your phone's bluetooth menu. Once it is paired, you don't have to pair it again. The. Multifunction button on this headset is used for accepting, declining, and switching between calls, as well as for using voice commands. Overall, this is an excellent headset and I'd highly recommend it. The charging station is very cool, and the headset has exceptional audio quality. 5/5 Stars."

Dec 19, 2013
Great Product!

"I ordered this product after extensive research on various hands free devices and was hoping this device lived up to my expectations. I have had the device for just over 2 weeks and I am in love with it! I am not looking for anything fancy. The best part I like about it the automatic pairing feature to my iphone 5c. I also love the charging/storage dock that it comes with. It fits great in either ear and I have not had to use the accompanying ear clips so far. I definitely would encourage anyone who is looking for a nice hands free device that does not need all the bells and whistles, but handles the hands free cell phone use simply and comfortably. The price was also very attractive, compared to many other devices that did the same thing."

Katharine S. Kunz
Feb 19, 2014
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The SHARKK Lifestyle Brand is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of consumer accessories across many different product categories. Keyboards, Tablet and Phone Cases, Speakers and Wallets are but a few of the items that make up our extensive online catalog.

Bluetooth v.4.0

Equipped with the very latest in Bluetooth technology, the SHARKK Bluetooth Headset features all the cutting edge Bluetooth capabilities such as A2DP and Multipoint Connection.

Extended Functionality

The SHARKK Bluetooth Headset is equipped with all the bells and whistles, including: Call Transferring, Voice Dialing, Call waiting and more.

Multipoint Connection

Connect your device to multiple cell phones at the same time, all while retaining full handset-like control over simultaneous incoming calls.

Voice Prompts

The SHARKK Bluetooth Headset features sophisticated voice prompting software
to help guide you through the use of different modes and settings.

Designed for Max Comfort

The Bluetooth Headset includes form-fitted Ear-Gels, custom designed for maximum in-ear comfort and improved sound channeling.

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