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SHARKK Wireless Mouse

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Feature-packed Mouse For Great Price

"Small, efficient and comfortable best describe the Sharkk Wireless Laser Mouse. It connects to a computer instantly, without any installation screens, on either a Mac or Windows operating system.

The Sharkk WLM uses a mini USB transmitter, which is surprisingly tiny. It could stay permanently in a computer USB slot without getting in the way of peripherals or becoming a hazard to a laptop in transit. And, of course, no wires are involved.

There's no red glow underneath the mouse - it's has an invisible tracking light, a blessing for late-night operation. The mouse has an on/off switch to conserve energy from the two AAA batteries (not included). However, if left unattended for a while, the mouse will automatically shut itself off. Any movement will turn it back on without having to flip a switch. There is no power drain at all on the computer.

The Sharkk WLM efficiently accomplishes all anyone would expect from a mouse. The base is wide yet the top is gently curved, supporting the hand in a totally comfortable position. It's ergonomic design fits the hand perfectly and would easily allow operations for extended periods without hand/wrist fatigue.

Buttons are placed in perfect positions for easy use. The scroll wheel turns without friction and back/forward buttons on the left side (by the thumb on a right hand use) flip instantly between browser screens at a light touch. The mouse has a textured area for the finger rests for better grip, with a smooth surface on the top for right and left click comfort.

I did find that the Sharkk WLM's primary use is designed for the right hand, although it can be used with the left. Also, there is no side-to-side scrolling. There is a button on the top to change the DPI resolution on the computer screen, but it didn't work on my computers and may be an option depending on the operating system's mouse program. Also, because this mouse uses a USB connection, it isn't appropriate for an iDevice.

The Sharkk Wireless Laser Mouse is an outstanding value and offers features normally found on a mouse costing considerably more. I give it five stars.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product to independently test in normal operation situations and provide an impartial review. Arelunde "

SHARKK Wireless Computer Mouse

"This mouse is one of the best I've used. I have had wireless mice previously but this one is trouble free & it is accurate
The company is very quick to ship 7 the mouse arrive 5 days sooner than expected. I am happy with the mouse & the service "

Allen Lerner "Director"
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