SHARKK Wireless Mouse

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    • Featuring high-precision tracking and adjustable DPI settings (1000/1500/2000).
    • Advanced, contoured design for enhanced comfort and usability.
    • Auto-sleep feature conserves power and extends battery life.
    • Includes pre-programmed forward/back navigation buttons (not compatible with IOS).
    • Please Note: Does not work with Linux OS, requires 1 AA battery (NOT INCLUDED).

Customer Reviews

Sharkk Wireless Mouse

"The Sharkk Wireless Mouse impressed me right out of the box. The mouse was sleek but not cheap looking. It is also very ergonomic and comfortable in your hand. I also am impressed at how responsive this mouse is on almost any surface. I was watching a movie on my laptop, and I was able to move the mouse even when on carpet! The scroll wheel feels a little cheap, but is just as responsive as any other (I love a smooth scroll wheel). The forward and back buttons are really well made, but the top middle button doesn't make an audible click, and is somewhat difficult to press with your had wrapped all of the way around the mouse. The texture pattern where your thumb rests keeps your thumb from sliding down, or having to squeeze the side of the mouse. The USB receiver could use a little bit deeper hole so that it rests flush with the bottom when stored, but it hasn't been a huge problem as of yet.

All in all, I do not regret buying two of these. My girlfriend loves hers, and I love mine."

Review Master
Oct 7, 2013
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Works Perfect

"I have been using this mouse for a couple weeks now after running into Bluetooth interference issues with my keyboard and another mouse of a different brand and it has worked out great. The mini-usb connector allows me to use this with my Microsoft Surface tablet easily. I especially like that the mouse itself has it's own on-off switch so that I can turn it off and have the choice to leave the usb connector in my computer still compared to one of those mice that turns off by docking the connector back into the mouse. You also have the choice of storing it conveniently in the provided compartment near the battery with the mouse if you prefer not to keep it in the usb slot between uses. The forward and back buttons are a plus and the mouse is plug-and-play without any complicated install necessary. I love using this with an HDMI cord when streaming to a tv so that I can control the screen displayed on the tv across the room which is really useful for Netflix or projecting homework up on the screen. It is much more convenient being able to use this mouse almost as a remote and not have to physically manipulate the tablet. The mouse is of average size and conforms well to your hand. This solved my Bluetooth connectivity problem and allows me to take full advantage of navigation on my Surface tablet!"

Mar 16, 2014
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Please Note

The unique and ergonomically superior right-handed feel of the mouse may take some time to get used to. A slightly awkward feel when first using the mouse is normal and a short adjustment period is to be expected.

Auto-Sleep Feature

Integrated time-sensing technology will automatically place your mouse in sleep mode if it is left idle; thereby conserving energy, maximizing battery life and eliminating the need to constantly power on and power off your device.

Pre-Programmed Buttons

The Wireless Optical Mouse by SHARKK is replete with advanced functionality and useful feature enhancements, including: pre-programmed forward/back navigation buttons and an easy-to-use scroll wheel.

Feature Packed

With contemporary societies increasingly prolific reliance on computers, computer mice have become, by extension, one of the most popular home and office accessories. The Wireless Optical Mouse by SHARKK features high-precision optical tracking, pre-programmed navigation buttons and a specially contoured, ergonomic design; making it the perfect option for the avid and occasional user alike.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you should experience any issues with your item please contact our customer service at and we will stop at nothing to resolve any and all concerns to the best of our ability.


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