Amazon Chime is Ready to Take Over Video Conferencing


It seems like video conferencing services are a dime a dozen. Good video conferencing services, however, are few and far between. Most people are familiar with Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and even Slack — but now one of the biggest names on the planet, Amazon, has dropped their name into that hat as well with Amazon Chime.

What is Amazon Chime?

Built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Chime is a full-featured video conferencing service that uses a simple app, meaning it's fragmentation-free regardless of your device. Where many conferencing tools suffer is the infrastructure upon which they are built. Too few servers or too many glitches without enough support to keep them up and running. Using the decade-old AWS, Chime is already off to a great start with a solid backing behind it.

The service itself features the usual plethora of tools — voice & video calls, chat & chatrooms, and notifications. 

You can use Amazon Chime for online meetings, video conferencing, voice calls, chat, and to share content, all from the same easy-to-use app. Meetings start on time because they’re easy to join – meetings call you and you can join with a single tap. Lengthy pins are a thing of the past. A visual roster shows who has joined the meeting and who is running late, and allows anyone to mute background noise. Amazon Chime offers rich apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, and your chats are always synchronized across your devices. You can switch seamlessly between devices anytime, even in the middle of a meeting.

One of the best parts of Amazon Chime is that you only have to pay for what you use. And even if you do choose to pay, the pricing is 1/3 of what other services are charging, making it a truly viable solution for businesses of any size.

  • Amazon Chime Basic allows you make 1:1 voice and video calls, and to use chat and chat rooms, on all your devices
  • Amazon Chime Plus adds the ability for you to share your screen during meetings, and enables integration with your company directory
  • Amazon Chime Pro offers the full set of features for online meetings, including scheduling and hosting meetings, recording meetings, and personalized meeting URLs, for up to 100 people

If it all works as smoothly as they say (and show) then Amazon may really be onto something with Chime. It has some awesome features, looks dead simple and has a price point that is sure to be a strong selling point for many users.