2016 Recap

by Dov Brafman December 30, 2016 0 Comments

2016 Recap

2016 has come and gone — just like that.

We spend all day focused on the details — with yesterday's details still fresh and tomorrow's details unknown. Time moves slowly when you are in it.
But taking a step back and looking back with a broader lens — wow — so much has changed on so many levels.

For us at Sharkk, 2016 has seen the most significant changes in our history. Selling a few more products or making a few more dollars no longer excites us as much and it's not what drives us. Our view of the world has changed. We are daring to think big, to dream, and to believe that we can change the world. That we can bring value — whether in time, belonging, or money — to the world. That we can bring out the best of people on a huge scale.

The conversations around the office are different. They sound different and have a different tone to them. Our perspectives and realities are different.

We are out to do something big. We are on a mission to change the status quo. To modify the way relationships between manufacturers, brands, and consumers have always been structured.

This shift started locally — very locally. Over the past year, we have all had incredible personal growth that is noticeable to ourselves and the people around us.

In 2016 we pushed ourselves, we took risks, we got incredibly uncomfortable, we worked on our communication skills, on our relationships at home and at work, we looked out for each other and encouraged each other to stay motivated and to run from complacency.

We made a significant shift towards the end of 2016. We went from focusing on product to focusing on people. We don't ignore the importance of the product experience, but that is not what we want to known for. We want to be known as "The people experts."

One way or another we connected with tens of millions of people this year.

We launched Sharkk.org which allows us to team up the people who use our products to pay it forward and help the people that need us the most.

We launched Sharkk Labs to bring innovations and inventions to the world by tapping into the people, resources and talent we have at Sharkk.

What I am most proud of this year is the action we are taking. The execution is in motion. We are on the court playing.

Yes, we made many mistakes this year — some of them were very costly, some of them are still being fixed. But we have learned from every single one. Each one was transformed into an opportunity to learn, to grow and to transform.

We will continue making mistakes, we will continue failing, and we will continue losing. We will welcome and embrace these lessons, and we will cherish them more than all of the wins we have had.

We understand the concept of patience. We know that you can't be 26 years old in a 20 year period. We know that there is a process we must go through, that big things don't just happen overnight.

As we get warmed up to go into 2017 full throttle, I would like to make it clear that this year we will take even bigger risks. We will dream even bigger, but more importantly, we will execute. We will do whatever it takes to see that our dreams become the world's reality. Failing will not scare us or hold us back.

We are thankful for the people who believe in us, who encourage us, and who stand behind us with their guidance, encouragement, and support.

I am proud of our accomplishments as a team, and I am proud of the individuals that make up the Sharkk team — I love them all dearly.

We will stay humble, we will stay focused, and we will stay hungry.

We are just getting started.


Dov Brafman

Dov Brafman
Dov Brafman