How Smart Is Too Smart?

by Adam Zeis January 04, 2017 0 Comments

How Smart Is Too Smart?

It's That Time Again

Another year is officially upon us, and that means it’s time for another CES. The Consumer Electronics Show — or CES — takes place every year in Las Vegas and brings the best (and worst) that the tech world has to offer. We’ve seen plenty of big announcements from CES over the years — things like Blu-Ray, the first plasma TVs, the Palm Pre, 3D projectors, the first drones, the Pebble steel smartwatch and much more. Along with all the big-name goodies, there’s a slew of one-off and super odd products that hit the show floor as well. This year there look to be a slew of new “smart” devices, which leaves us asking, how smart is too smart?

Smart devices and smart home products are nothing new — they’ve been around for years. Door locks, motion sensors, robot vacuums, smart lights, smart TVs. The list goes on and on. Already this year, and somewhat in past years, we’re seeing an influx of “smart devices” — but just how far do you need to take the whole smart home thing? Some people may want to go all in with everything from outdoor lights to garage doors that can be opened from hundreds of miles away. While others may just want to be able to say “Alexa, turn on my lamp”. But with new products that are already popping up at CES, it appears the smart world will go well beyond what we’ve seen before.


Newer and Smarter

Take the GeniCan for example. This smart product allows you to convert your old, analog garage can to a new and improved smart garbage can. The GeniCan automatically adds items you throw out to a shopping list, letting you keep track of what goes and needs to be replaced. It gets a bit tricky however since you have to scan a barcode on a box to get the GeniCan to keep track, so it’s not as simple as it appears. At $125, it may not be the smartest solution for everyone.

Then there’s the smart hair brush, a product of Withings and L'Oreal. The Hair Coach is a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connected brush that works with an app to show you all of your hair brushing data, and offers you tips on how to better care for your mop-top. A built-in accelerometer and gyroscope do thy bidding and gather info with each stroke, even measuring the pressure you apply to your hair. All for what looks to be priced around $200(!!!).


But how much is too much?

There are other smart items too, some may actually be helpful, like a smart spoon that analyzes tremors and reacts accordingly, or the oodles of smartwatches, smartphones and other smart items that are being improved upon once again.

However the question we have is this: How smart is too smart? We want to know what YOU think. Is a smart brush or a smart garbage can too much, or does the future mean that everything we own is smart? Let’s hear what you have to say!

Adam Zeis
Adam Zeis