How to Pair the Amazon Echo Dot with a Bluetooth Speaker

by Adam Zeis January 19, 2017 0 Comments

How to Pair the Amazon Echo Dot with a Bluetooth Speaker

One question we get asked over and over is, “How do I pair my Amazon Echo with a Bluetooth speaker?” 


What's The Solution?

The answer is actually a bit two-fold, as there are some versions of the Echo that cannot be paired at all with any external speaker. If you own the original Amazon Echo — the tall one with the bigger built-in speaker — then unfortunately you’re out of luck. This model can’t be paired at all with an external speaker. Conversely, if you’re using the Amazon Echo Dot — the one we most often are contacted about — then you can indeed pair with an external Bluetooth speaker. 


Show Me How!

In Plain English

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet. 
  • Tap the icon on the top left to open the menu, then tap settings.
  • Now locate your device (Echo Dot) and tap the name to enter the settings menu.
  • Make sure the speaker to which you’re trying to connect is in pairing mode, then tap Pair New Device.
  • Once the device is located, tap its name to complete setup.
  • When you’re paired, you’ll hear a confirmation on your Dot and you’ll be ready to go!

After you’ve completed this initial setup, you’ll be able to easily connect to the same speaker going forward. Simply turn it on and your Echo Dot will automatically connect, giving a verbal confirmation. If you use more than one external speaker, you can simply ask Alexa to connect to a specific, previously paired device.


The Echo Dot already has a speaker, so why would you want to use an external one? The answer is simple — the built-in speaker in the Dot is terrible. Pretty much any Bluetooth speaker you can find will serve you better, and you can get some truly amazing sound without breaking the bank. We use the Sharkk Commando and is works like a champ, but any Bluetooth speaker can do just as good. You'll no longer be stuck with tinny, hollow sound and you'll have the freedom of choosing whatever external speaker works best for you!

Adam Zeis
Adam Zeis