Top 5 iOS 10 Hacks

by Alex Kang September 16, 2016 0 Comments

Top 5 iOS 10 Hacks

Okay, so I'm not sure how many people have gone ahead and updated their phones to the new iOS10 software with all the reports of it bricking phones and all... but if you did, there are some features that you might've missed that are truly going to make your life easier. Here are our top 5 favorite "hacks" of iOS10. 

1. Lock Screen "Quick View."

iOS 10 now lets you swipe left on the lock screen to access your most vital information such as your calendar, widget, wallet and more. This helps you limit the time it takes to access all of these features by unlocking the phone to access. Of course, if you're not into letting just anyone swipe left on your locked phone to see your schedule you can get granular and limit what is visible. Simply go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and scroll down till you see this screen:


2. Smart Photo Search

With iOS10, you can now search for specific keywords, and it will yield visual results for that keyword. For example, I did a search on my phone for "dogs" and this is what I got:



3. Touch to Unlock

One of the most frustrating things about my experience with iOS10 on my 5s has been that I need to press down on the home button to unlock my phone, whereas previously all I had to do was place my finger on the sensor to unlock the phone. Well, it looks like this feature is still available, albeit, a little hidden in the settings, but it's there. To enable this simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button, then scroll down to Rest Finger to Open. Boom. 


4. Sending WhatsApp Messages Using Siri

I'm sure you are one of the 1 billion monthly active users on the uber popular messaging app WhatsApp -- and if you are, you are going to love this. iOS10 now can take voice commands via Siri to take action on WhatsApp so you can safely message friends family while driving or cook.. or whatever has taken up your hands at the moment. Simply hold down the home button to activate Siri and prompt her to send a message or call via WhatsApp!


5. iMessage Apps - Gif Keyboard

iOS10 now offers an amazingly new, and super powerful iMessage, complete with it's own app store! One of the best apps for the new iMessage has got to be the Gif Keyboard app. Simply search for a keyword for that gif, find your favorite and drag it into the message for a hilariously entertaining conversation with friends and family!


Hope you liked our list, if you have some other cool tips and tricks on the new iOS10, please leave a comment below so we can check it out! 

Alex Kang
Alex Kang