Top 5 Uses for Bluetooth Speakers

by Adam Zeis November 28, 2016 0 Comments

Top 5 Uses for Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are more versatile than you might think. They’ve long been tied to simply playing music from your phone or tablet, but the uses go well beyond just that. Have you ever tried boosting your home entertainment center with an awesome Bluetooth speaker? Replacing your old, dated computer speakers with a new Bluetooth option? What about attaching a speaker to your bike?

Check out some of our favorite uses for Bluetooth speakers:

1. Better TV Sound

Many built-in television speakers are old and boring. They sound plain, lack bass and are sometimes just downright awful. Rather than buying an expensive sound bar or large surround sound system, a solid Bluetooth speaker can fit the bill quite nicely.

Newer TVs have Bluetooth built-in, making for an easy connection to an external speaker. Others can be connected via the AUX port (typically 3.5mm) to a compatible speaker as well. While not all Bluetooth speakers also have an AUX port, many — like the Sharkk Boombox or Sharkk Beast — make this connection easy with a built-in auxiliary port. Simply plug in your TV to the speaker and you're good to go with awesome sound.

2. Listening to Music at Home

Of course the in-home use goes well beyond just your TV. You can also use a Bluetooth speaker to stream music (and sound for movies & games) from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You don’t need a fancy setup with a receiver, tons of wires and big, bulky speakers. A Bluetooth speaker can sit almost anywhere and still fill up even the biggest rooms with amazing sound.

All you need to do it wirelessly stream music from your device using any number of sources — online services or your own personal music library. Setup is simple and you’ll have great quality sound at your fingertips whenever you need it.


3. Cycling

Many people have given up their cars in favor of simpler modes of transportation, and that means giving up some luxuries in the process. For those of you that ride a bike often — be it as part of your commute or just for a weekend cruise — you don’t have to be without some amenities. While using a Bluetooth speaker for music at home may seem like a no-brainer, not many people consider using one on their bike as well. There are numerous options for this, but one of our favorites is the Sharkk 2o.

This versatile speaker can easily be attached to most bikes and gives you hours of music on the go — best of all it’s safe from the elements with an IP67 waterproof/dust-proof rating. If that’s not enough, there’s hands-free support with your favorite services on Android and iOS, and a microSD slot lets you play your locally-stored music files if that's more your speed.

4. Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are a luxury that not everyone can afford. In addition to being expensive, they take a bit of know-how to get started. From wiring to mounting — not to mention connecting them to an expensive receiver — it can be a bit more of a project that some people might want to tackle.

For that, a Bluetooth speaker is the perfect solution. Not only do they not require any tricky setup or wiring, but you can put them wherever your outdoor party may be. There are also plenty of weatherproof options available that will stay safe from the elements in case weather isn’t cooperating.

The Sharkk Mako is the perfect solution for those long summer nights outside. The Mako has amazing battery life to keep you rocking out for hours on the patio or by the pool, and with its IP67 waterproof rating, you don’t even have to worry about it getting wet — you can even take it to the beach!

5. Traveling

If you’re a frequent traveler, you may be the type of person that likes to bring along some comforts of home while you’re on the road. Sure, having a great set of headphones for a long ride or flight is on top of the list, but what about a sweet speaker for those lonely nights in a hotel room? Taking a portable Bluetooth speaker along for the ride can help you unwind after a long day of travel. After all, there’s no reason you should have to sacrifice great sound just because your smartphone speakers aren’t up to snuff.

Bonus Tip!

If you’re traveling for work (or even if you’re staying local) you can use many Bluetooth speakers for conference calling as well. Many speakers have built-in microphones on their list of features, making them easy to use for conference calls at home or in the office. Everyone can hear the conversation clearly through the speaker itself, and the internal microphone lets everyone talk as needed, with no muffled sound on the other end. The Sharkk Boombox is perfect for this use.


Be sure to check out all of the great Bluetooth speaker offerings from Sharkk, and leave a comment below letting us know which Sharkk speaker is your favorite!

Adam Zeis
Adam Zeis