Sharkk Bravo

Sharkk Bravo


Designed using award-winning Hybrid Electrostatz technology, Sharkk’s Bravo Headphones feature an ultrathin film — ten times thinner than a plastic bag —within the headphone’s ear cups. When a static electric charge is placed on the film, the headphones emit an exceptionally vibrant, natural, and ultra-dynamic sound with crystal clear vocals up to 45,000Hz. A closed acoustic design with 40mm driver units delivers a powerful bass and noise isolation.

While most electrostatic headphones require an external source of power, Sharkk’s Bravo Headphones uniquely utilize power from within. This unprecedented technology has allowed Sharkk to offer its high-quality headphones at a price point unmatched by other electrostatic headphones on the market.

When developing the Bravo Headphones, our debut headphones, we wanted to bring out the best audio experience for consumers, but offer it in an affordable and portable package. Our mantra at Sharkk is to create high-quality consumer products at an affordable price point, and we’ve done just that with the new Bravo Headphones. Consumers will feel like they are wearing $3,000 headphones but at a fraction of the price.

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