Sharkk Bravo Hi-Fi Headphones


Hi-Fi Sound
The most affordable hybrid electrostatic headphones with Hi-Fi sound, power, bass, and noise isolation. 

Superior Sound Quality
Noise isolation closed acoustic design ensures greater music detail with every note.

Powerful bass with large, 40mm ear cups that deliver high-impact bass tones. 

Luxurious pressure-relieving cushions allow for long-lasting listening without any discomfort.

At 10.5oz, these headphones are made for an effortless listening experience.

Package Includes
Sharkk Bravo electrostatic headphones, dust bag, replacement ear cups.

Immerse Yourself In True Hi-Fi Sound

Patented tech eliminates the need for external power amplifier source, making the Bravo Headphones 90% more affordable than most electrostatic headphone in the market. The Bravo Headphones are for everyone! Producers, go-getters, gamers, commuters... YOU!

Trusted By The Best


  • "Superbly clear and excellent sound" - Business Insider
  • "Unbelievably clear, crisp, clean sound"- The Verge
  • "They sound fantastic!"- Tech Insider
  • “They’re unbelievable, especially when compared to other products within the same price range.”- Hanan Rubinstein, Lead Guitarist – Alicia Keys
  • “Everything new that I listen to, I want to make sure that I listen to them with Bravo headphones on because they make everything sound brand new to me.” - Frank "Knuckles" Walker, Percussionist – The Roots, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
  • “Through Bravo, you will hear things that you’ve never heard in the mix before.” - Steven Wolf, Drummer/Programmer/Producer
  • “Bravos are the perfect studio headphones…[they] are revolutionary. The sound is so natural.” - Ray Angry, Mister Goldfinger
  • “These just sound beautiful. I could really hear the details. Man, I’m really impressed.” - Shawn Pelton, Drummer – Saturday Night Live

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