Sharkk Mini Portable Wireless Sound System


A firecracker, a jalapeno pepper, and a mouse in the local girl scouts clubhouse are all examples of relatively small objects that are capable of producing disproportionately powerful sounds.

Another surefire example of this is the SHARKK Mini-Bluetooth Speaker.

Don't let the small, compact frame fool you.

The Mini-Bluetooth speaker features crystal clear sound quality and volume levels to rival those of speakers more than twice its size, making it the perfect portable option!

So get your groove on everywhere you go with this SHARKK Mini Bluetooth Speaker. This tiny but powerful Bluetooth Speaker with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery supports up to 6 consecutive hours of playing time, which means more time spent listening to what you love.


A Little Firecracker!

Small enough to fit into any bag, the Sharkk Mini is not to be underestimated. This tiny package packs a huge punch! The Sharkk Mini's super bass will seriously surprise you -- enough that we needed to add a non-slip rubber base to ensure the device stays in place while bumping the hardest tunes. With it's size, powerful sound and 6 hours of consecutive hours of playing time, this is a must-have for those who want to bring the party with them wherever they go!


  • 6hrs Battery Life
  • Supports MicroSD, AUX and Bluetooth
  • Super Bass with Slip-Resistant Rubber Base
  • 2.4"x2.3"
  • One Year Warranty


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