Sharkk 5,000mAh Dual USB Battery Power Bank


High Capacity
5,000mAh power bank allows for a full charge on the iPhone 7, twice!

Smart Charging
Automatically detects the optimal charge level for connected devices and adjusts output accordingly, prolonging the life of your devices' batteries.

Dual USB
2 USB outputs mean you can charge 2 devices simultaneously!

Built-In Wall Plug
No need for an extra USB cable to charge your charger! This battery pack plugs directly into the wall and discreetly closes into the body of the device when not charging. 

Motion Activated
No buttons or switches to worry about -- simply shake to activate!

LED Indicator
Dedicated LED light to show charge level and status.

Compatible with just about any USB device on the planet! Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Google and more!


Feel The Power

This unique power bank by Sharkk features a built-in wall outlet to be charged directly into the outlet without the use of cables or charging adapters. Simply pull the prongs down and plug the device right into the wall. An LED indicator will show you when it's charging, when it's full and when power is needed. There are no physical buttons on the device itself -- to turn it on, simple plug your device to the powerbank and shake the device to activate charging!


  • 5,500mAh Capacity
  • Dual USB Output to Charge Two Devices at Once
  • Unique Shake-Activated Design
  • LED Power/Status Indicator
  • Charge Any USB Device Safely Without Risking Longterm Health of Battery


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