Sharkk Beast Wireless Sound System


Whether you're barbecuing in the park on a pleasant summer evening, or hosting a gathering of family and friends in your home, the ultimate Sharkk Beast is the perfect accompaniment, bound to uplift the energy in any space; with its rich, clear, ultra-powerful 45W sound! Featuring superior quality stereo sound with Advanced MaxxBass Technology, its included AUX port, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC functionality allow for easy connection to external devices, while a built-in USB Power Bank Charging Port ensures that those devices are fully powered and ready to roll. In addition to sporting a microphone for convenient hands-free call answering, the Sharkk Beast supports both Siri and S-Voice, and features an LED Power and Charging Status Indicator as well as LED button backlights which are activated by a thermal sensor. Get in the spirit with the premium sound quality of this one of a kind Beast Bluetooth Speaker brought to you by Sharkk!


Unleash The Beast

Whether you're into classical music, the hardest of hard rock, or the heaviest bass heavy hip-hop music, the Sharkk Beast can handle it all and offer the absolute premium sound at an affordable price point.


  • 4,400mAh USB Power Bank Charging Support
  • Ultra-Powerful 45w Sound Output
  • Advanced Maxxbass Technology for Heavy Bass
  • Hands-Free Mobile Phone Support - Siri and S-Voice Support
  • Dedicated Bluetooth Button for Easy Connection to Any Device
  • LED Power/Charging Status Indicator
  • Thermal Activated Back Lit Buttons
  • One Year Warranty


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