Sharkk Boombox Wireless Sound System


Experience powerful, portable sound from the super sleek SHARKK BoomBox Speaker. Designed with two 5W loudspeakers, this speaker delivers up to 10 watts of clean, immersive sound that you can take just about anywhere. Featuring a sleek design that blends in at the office, around the house, or at a party, this supremely portable boombox weighs a mere 1.8 pounds so you never have to leave your music behind.

Featuring the latest in Bluetooth technology and near-field communication (NFC), this high-tech boombox can connect to your smartphone or tablet for convenient incoming call handling. Enjoy all the core functionalities of your smartphone by making calls and using Siri or Android Voice with the built-in Hi-Def microphone. Best of all, whether you’re laying out on the beach or working overtime at the office, this speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that allows for up to 18 hours of non-stop play.

Double the quality. Half the Price.

Small enough to fit in your gym bag with sound big enough to sell out a theater, the Sharkk Boombox is the absolute perfect companion for any occasion. Take it with you to the house party, on your next hike, your next picnic or when you're down in the garage working on your car. The sleek design will fit in to any setting and really pump up the aesthetics.


  • 18hrs+ Battery Life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology for Clear Listening
  • Back-Lit Buttons with Built-In Sensors
  • Hands-Free Mobile Phone Support - Siri and S-Voice Support
  • 30ft+ Bluetooth Range
  • One Year Warranty


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