Sharkk Buddy Wireless Surround Sound System


Surround Yourself

What's better than an awesome wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker? If you guessed two awesome wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speakers you would be correct! This Bluetooth Buddy System features two powerful Bluetooth boomboxes which easily connect to any device to play powerful, rich, deep tones, with all the benefits of having a truly wireless, surround-sound setup.

Buddy System

The Sharkk Bluetooth Boombox Buddy System takes an awesome portable speaker, upgrade it, and multiplies it by two. With it you can easily setup a simple yet powerful wireless stereo surround-sound music experience anywhere. Additionally, the two speakers can function independently with each providing full stereo sound from their own source of music, generating an amazing experience where ever it goes.

Make and Receive Phone Calls 

Get a phone call in the middle while using this system? No problemo! The speakers let you send and receive phone calls. You can even have the speaker use Siri or S voice to have your phone perform all kinds of tasks.

Bluetooth v. 4.0 and NFC 

Utilizes the latest in Bluetooth Technology for a strong yet energy efficient connection. Just a couple of button presses and you can connect your Bluetooth device to the first speaker. Or you can use the NFC chip in your phone for an even simpler setup. Just turn on NFC in your phone and tap the speaker to connect. Next, connect the two speakers together and voila! You are all set up and ready to party.


Double Trouble

Looking for the ultimate surround sound system for your tunes, movies or games? Don't want to pay an arm and a leg and deal with all of the wires/installation involved? Look no further! The Sharkk Buddy System eliminates all of the troubles and annoyances of a surround sound system and delivers on the high quality audio you look for in a reliable sound system. Carry them and use them individually with your Bluetooth device(s) or hook up both speakers to one device for true surround sound for the high octane movie or intense gaming sessions where you require the highest audio quality imaginable.


  • 18hrs+ Battery Life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology for Clear Listening
  • Back-Lit Buttons with Built-In Sensors
  • Hands-Free Mobile Phone Support - Siri and S-Voice Support
  • 10W Dual Speakers 60Hz-18KHz, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC Technology
  • 30ft+ Bluetooth Range
  • 2-for-1 Deal with Wireless Surround Sound Connectivity
  • One Year Warranty


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