Sharkk Claro Wireless Headphones w/ Active Noise Cancellation


Put on the Claro Headphones by Sharkk and experience the very best in sound quality. The Claro Headphones--with its superior sound quality--delivers rich, smooth tones in the high and mid-range all while producing dynamic bass. It also comes with noise reduction capability which also adds to your listening experience. What separates these headphones from many of its competitors is the AVRCP and integrated Apt-X Technology. Apt-X is a technology that significantly improves the Bluetooth listening experience by reducing its bit rate (maximum bandwidth often limits Bluetooth audio) without interfering with sound quality. The result is consistent, crystal clear, CD-like sound.
The headset also comes with foldable ear pads. The earphone sections are retractable, capable of folding inward which makes carrying the unit easier and allows you to maximize portability and storage space. Lightweight, with protein soft ear cushions and adjustable head bar, the headphones are extremely comfortable and offer a secure fit.
The black earphones and cushions coupled with the chrome/black head bar give the Claro Headphone by Sharkk a simple, yet super sleek look that you will enjoy.

When Beauty Meets Technology

The Sharkk Claro is an exceptional Bluetooth headphone that boasts the latest and greatest in wireless technology in a beautiful package. It offers Active Noice Cancellation which is perfect for those who like to listen to music on the go or work in public places.


  • Retractable Ear Pads
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • APT-X Technology for CD Quality Sound
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Soft Protein Leather


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