Sharkk RFID Protected Wallet with Cash Band


The unfortunate truth is that identity theft is an ever growing area of concern in our society and RFID scanning is fast becoming a favorite tactic for credit card thieves throught the country.Imagine! All a potential theif would required is a cheap, widely availble scanning device (and a slightly malfunctioning moral compass) and voila! They can scan away from a safe distance and read information from nearby credit cards while they are still inside a wallet or purse!One surefire way to prevent this is to protect your cards with a wallet such as this one which has built in RFID repelling technology which actively shields your cards from any and all RFID scanning attempts. Sleek, rugged and stylish, the RFID Aluminum Wallet from SHARKK is the perfect wallet option for the security conscious and those with an active lifestyle. Three of the strongest and finest plastics were fused together to reinforce the clasp making it stronger, sturdy and more durable. This combined with the RFID protection feature means that your valuables will be safe from card-scanning thieves and from the elements as well.


Invest In Your Security

The 2016 Identity Fraud Study, found that $15 billion was stolen, compared to $13.1 the previous year. Now more than ever, we need to keep our hard earned money close and protected. Invest to keep your investments safe -- The Sharkk RFID wallet is the perfect companion to keep your money safe and secure where ever you go.


  • RFID Repellant Technology
  • Unique Accordion Style Card Holder For Easy Access
  • Interior Slots Allow Up To 7 Cards
  • Securely Carry Cash Along With Your Cards
  • Sleek Aluminum Design
  • Durable Elastic Band For Cash


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